Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star-Studded commercial break...

Before I complete the rest of the Star-Studded covers, I'd like to take a moment to assist those interested in actually reading some of the interior material of SS.
The chances of completing a run of Star-Studded Comics is for most, not likely. However, fanzine historian extraordinaire Bill Schelly has given you another option:
The Best of Star-Studded Comics.
From Bill's website:
This 256-page trade paperback book collects 21 of the best comic strips (complete) published in Star-Studded Comics, the classic fan magazine of the 1960s and 1970s. A small press pioneer, Star-Studded was the first publication entirely dedicated to offering alternative comics to fans of the medium—mostly super hero strips, at first, and then branching out into other genres in their later issues.

Originally published by the Texas Trio (Larry Herndon, Buddy Saunders and Howard Keltner) from 1963 to 1972, Star-Studded spanned 18 great issues, all very difficult and expensive to acquire these days. With the permission and support of all involved, I have carefully selected the best strips, starring celebrated ama-heroes The Eye, the Human Cat, Dr. Weird, Powerman, the Blade, White Dragon and many more to give you the “cream” of the fanzine, in this unique 260-page archival collection. In addition, the book includes the “Warrior of Llarn” adaptation of Gardner Fox’s novel, by Roy Thomas and Sam Grainger, as well as complete annotations on every feature by Bill Schelly. There is also “The Star-Studded Checklist” detailing the contents of every issue, and a never-before-published fabulous13-page strip by Biljo White and Howard Keltner called “The Interceptor.”

All told, 60 pages of new material, 21 complete comic strips, ONE EXCITING BOOK!!

This really is a great book, and I have the book and have no affiliation with Bill so it's an honest endorsement.
Bill's Website

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