Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biljo White's Batmania 1-5/1964

Biljo White had a block building out back of his house that in it's glory days, was filled with more Golden Age comics that you could imagine.
Full runs.
Key issues.
The 'White House of Comics' it was called.
Roy Thomas would use the comics Biljo owned for research when doing articles, including his contribution to Xero.
But Batman was his favorite. So much so, that in addition to creating many characters of his own and publishing them in various 'zines (plus becoming art director for Alter Ego with Roy Thomas) he decided to put out a little ditty called 'Batmania'. As far as I know, he coined the phrase basing it on the then-rampant Beatlemania. It was a natural fit.
He also produced a 'Bat-Bulletin' to update subscribers in between issues. He had an extremely amiable personality and wonderful whimsical art style that made for good copy and it became a huge success.
A few issues came out after Biljo's tenure including a 'Neo-Batmania'

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