Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fandom Poster...

Nice Founders of Comic Fandom tribute poster.
Can ya name 'em?


  1. Hi, Chris. Just found this blog and you've got some great stuff here!

    Offhand, I'd say this founders art features Julie Schwartz, Jerry Bails, Trina Robbins, Tom Fagan (maybe?) and Roy Thomas. I'm most unsure of who I called Fagan, but the only other "founders" I can think of definitely do NOT look like that.

    Would LOVE to know more about this piece!

  2. Just realized that's supposed to Don Thompson, not Jerry Bails. Bails is likely supposed to be the one who I cited as Tom Fagan.

  3. I may send a copy to Roy and ask. Hope you like all the upcoming stuff I have planned!