Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biljo White's Batmania 6-10

From wiki:
Batmania had the tacit approval of DC, after White sent a copy of his first issue to renowned fan-friendly editor Julius Schwartz, who liked it, and even gave it a plug in the pages of Batman #169, causing the membership of the fledgling "Batmanians" group to grow "nearly 1,000-strong". The first issue was in such demand that White:
"kept printing up more and more copies, until the ditto masters gave out — and I still couldn't satisfy all the requests. It convinced me more than ever that there was a large body of fans who enjoyed the adventures of Batman and Robin as much as I did.
Batmania became the unofficial "fanzine for Batman fans. Appearing under the motto "For Batman, we accept nothing as impossible," It was released a year after sales on the two Batman titles — Batman and Detective Comics (DC Comics) — had "dipped alarmingly."

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