Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star-Studded 1-5,1963...

Originally created by three fans who called themselves
The Texas Trio, STAR-STUDDED COMICS ran eighteen issues from
1963 to 1972. Larry Herndon, Buddy Saunders and Howard Keltner
wrote and drew most of the first issue themselves. After that,
their efforts were greatly augmented by stories and art by comic
fandom's top talents, including fans who went on to make their
mark in mainstream comics from DC and Marvel: Richard Green, Tommy Fisher,Biljo White Ken Tesar, Ronn Foss, Al Kuhfeld, Ed Lahmann, D. Bruce Berry, Alan Weiss, Dick Tatge, Landon Chesney,Bill DuBay, George Metzger, Rick Schubb, Ron Harris, Steve Fritz, Jim Starlin, Dennis Fujitake, Dave Cockrum, Sam Grainger, Mark Lamberti, George R.R. Martin, Gardner Fox, Roy Thomas and
more! "Some of these guys were published for the first time in
SSC," Bill Schelly said. "It was also a showcase for the top amateurs
to strut their stuff. Strips by Grass Green, Biljo White, Landon
Chesney and Ronn Foss were every bit as popular as the
soon-to-be professionals, though none of them went on to
substantial pro careers. But they were damn good
Issue number one is the first color cover ever for a fan based publication!
Sorry about number 5 being in black and white. It's the only one I have that is not marked.

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