Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fandom Presents number 1, Dec. 1964...

After Alter Ego had a few issues under it's belt (as well as a few editors, as Jerry Bails left to pursue his Golden Age data cataloging leaving Ronn Foss to the helm with issue 5) comic fandom began to grow.
People began to realize that others shared their interest in comics and they wanted to make contact.
Soon, fan-made characters started popping out of the woodwork, mostly superhero-inspired.
The Eye, Eclipse, Xal-Kor, the Demon, Changeling, Powerman, Son of Satan, the Fog and more were having adventures in fanzines!
An loose group of friends who called themselves 'Golden Gate Features' made an early attempt to catalog the new world of fanzine heroes. It was called 'Fandom Presents' and was published in December of 1964.
Bill Dubay, Marty Arbunich, Rudi Franke and Barry Bauman of the Bay Area made up the Golden Gate gang.

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