Monday, March 19, 2012

Bill Dubay-A late Tribute Part 1...

Bill Dubay passed away coming up on 2 years ago and I really hate it.
I have a list of some of the Big Name Fans I wanted to make contact with and Bill's name was high on that list.  I wanted to see if he was up for a commission from me and perhaps some brain-picking, but I was too late.  I honestly thought I'd have more time to contact him.
His death surprised me.  I've never felt that the original fanzine contributors of the '60's were that old but I guess time is passing faster than I wanted to realize.
A nice write up with a couple of comments from his son is here.

The Captain (me) will tribute in another way, however.  Below is the first entry of the complete Fantasy Hero #4 by a very young Bill Dubay.  I cannot remember where I got the scans, but if you want to claim credit, feel free to write in.
Here's to you, Bill.  I'm sorry I didn't get to know you.