Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Awesomeness: Odd 7

Odd number 7 from that wonderful year of our Lord, 1964.
The things I love about this cover could fill a book and I hope you are also inspired.
Try not to be overcome by it's sheer awesomeness!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well, HeroesCon 2012 has come and gone.  My son and I had a really enjoyable time (except for a couple of jerks, one a dealer and one a child trying to be cool to his friends) but they were quickly forgotten and the fun resumed!
Met Paul Levitz and found him to be an extremely intelligent and interesting person.  Loved seeing his eyes bug out when I handed him copies of Et Cetera and Comic Reader to sign!  Got a profile sketch of  Dick Tracy from the new artist on the strip Joe Staton (yes, THAT Joe Staton!) and hung out a bit with him and his wife.  Lovely people.  Spoke to Roy Thomas and since I will be publishing an interview with Bernie Bubnis (the organizer of the very FIRST comic con in 1964) around the same time as Alter Ego, he asked if he could include the art that Bernie so graciously sent me recently in Alter Ego.  This will happen but you, my loyal readers will get to see the art here first!
It was really inspiring to speak with people who actually created the fanzines I love so much and I actually found a few dealers with a handful of fanzines for sale!  More than just a few copies of beat up RBCCs this time so yay, me!!
I passed out a few hastily put together cards for the site to the pros and to some fans.  Hope it brings up circulation but it's not something I'm worried about.  Just wish more people knew about early fandom.
Sigh.  Baby steps.
I am posting some pix from the con and will add some comments to them a little later in the week.
Notice that the guy in the Captain Marvel.  He reminded me of Pat and Dick Lupoff in their outfits from early fandom. Look here

Oh yeah, some guy named Lieber or Lee or something was there too.

The End!