Monday, March 3, 2014

Batman '66 - Batman's Dirty Little Secret...

Biff Bam Pow!  The things you find on the internets!  Batmania, the the fanzine and Batmania, the craze brought America their doses of Bat-Action in good ol' 1966 but now the jig is up!
Holy Horizontal walls, Batman! And all this time we thought you really were scaling up the side of a building.
Oh well, at least Bat-Shark Repellent is real.  Right?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hanley Art from eBay!

Scored a nice piece of Alan Hanley art off eBay recently.
Hanley art is a rare thing and seeing it up for grabs is even rarer!
Color me a happy man!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kurtzman Fanzine Stolen (!) at San Diego Comic-Con...

Hey Gang,
Bill Schelly, author, fandom founder and publisher of many fanzines and fanzine-related books such as: The Golden Age of Comic Fandom, The Comic Fandom Reader, Fandom's Finest Comics, Founders of Comic Fandom, Best of Star-Studded Comics plus the Art of Joe Kubert and the upcoming American Comic Book Chronicles series was a victim of theft!
In his own words:

"I was having a great time at Comic-Con International 2013 in San Diego, only to have this Kurtzman fanzine stolen from me on Thursday. Actually, it's not a fanzine per se, but a booklet put together by Harvey's first year class at the School of Visual Arts in New York City (1973). I'm going to contaqct as many dealers as possible, especially those in Southern California, so they recognize this stolen item, if anyone approaches them. Please spread the word and help me do anything possible to get this wonderful treasure back!! Thanks!!"

Lets help Bill by spreading the word of this theft around quickly to keep it from being sold to some unknowing collector or shop owner.  Be a real-life superhero and tell as many people as you can.  Let's catch this thief!
If you have any information, please post it here or get in contact with Bill directly at 

Here is a large scan of the stolen item for your detecting pleasure:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Star Begotten Newsletter...

The covers shown belong to All Star Begotten #s 14, 61 and 100. 
The first two were published in 1963 and #100 in 1965.  I can't find much info on this fanzine and would appreciate any help with them.  

Ronn Foss Artwork...

This is some artwork by Ronn Foss that came up for sale on ebay some time ago.  Anyone Recognize this?  Vampire Mermaid, perhaps?

Calendar for the New Year by Biljo White!

Jump on this quickly now, as we only have 6 months before the new year is upon us!
The 1964 Comic Calendar with the world-famous Owl and his Owl Plane
taking cover honors!  These won't last so...
What's that?
50 years late?
Who's Nite Owl?
I'm an idiot?
Enjoy the calendar anywho.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doing What We Odder...

This is for the kind young fellow who emailed me about having a deja vu moment with the recent ODD post. Thought you(and the rest of our many, many fans) would like to see the entire ODD cover gallery that I shamelessly swiped from the publisher's own website! I will offset this travesty of justice by leading you to said site and recommending the wonderful copy of issue 12 that they sell there. It is worth every penny and can be signed by the class clowns themselves. I could not do better than the words of the original pair of misfits who produced this craziness so go here now:
Read a bit about the history and origin of ODD and tell 'em the Cap'n sent ya!