Monday, April 13, 2009

Comic Art/1961/1-7 complete

Per wikipedia:
Maggie Thompson and her late husband, Don Thompson (October 30, 1935-May 23, 1994), were among the instigators of what developed in the 1960's into comic book fandom. Their Harbinger (a mimeographed one-sheet published in the autumn of 1960) announced the upcoming publication of Comic Art, the first of the amateur magazines devoted to all aspects of sequential art (a term not then in use). The initial issue of Comic Art was released the following spring. Seven issues were published at irregular intervals between 1961 and 1968. As publication of Comic Art wound down, they shifted their attention to a new venture as the Thompsons started a fanzine titled Newfangles in March 1967. Unlike other comics news fanzines of the time it was devoted to the doings of comics fandom instead of news about comic books and comic book professionals
With Don, she wrote a miscellany of articles and comic-book stories; The Official Price Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy (1989, House of Collectibles); five years of Comics Buyer's Guide Annual (1992-1996, Krause Publications); Marvel Comics Checklist & Price Guide 1961-Present (1993, Krause Publications); and Comic-Book Superstars (1993, Krause Publications). With others, she produced the Comics Buyer's Guide Checklist & Price Guide (now in its 15th edition, Krause Publications); and the Standard Catalog of Comic Books (now in its 5th edition, Krause Publications).

Yep, Comic Art had a different air to it. Unlike its contemporary Alter-Ego, Don and Maggie Thompson's fanzine Comic Art did not concern itself with superhero comics. The zine was much more geared towards comic strips, and non-hero comics, and tended to skew towards the more literary, even though, as Don points out in his editorial, they don't believe comics to be "literature with a capital 'L'." It was in a dead-heat with AE in getting to the public.

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