Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rbcc Covers 35-39...

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 35 (RBCC), 1965, Phantom and Joy Holiday cover. Circulation over 650, ads for Slam Bang Special and Amra; Paul Gambaccini's "Rocketeer Gossip" column (Gambaccini takes over for Rick Weingroff with this issue); a sketch of The Destroyer by Parley Holman; "Seuling's Corner"; "Behind the Cover of Daredevil #3" by Raymond Miller; a review of editor D.R. Benson's The Unknown short story collection by Bob Harner 3rd; a piece on Plastic Man by Dave Bibby.

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 36 (RBCC), 1965, Hangman cover by the great Howard Keltner, circulation over 700! Ahhh. Pages and pages of purple copy mimeo. I can still smell the scent of a still-damp test sheet in elementary school that looked like these. "Seuling's Corner" by Phil Seuling; Paul Gambaccini's "Rocketeer Gossip" column; a drawing of The Black Condor by RLM; ads for Alter Ego #8 and Mastermind number 1 (Oklahoma's first comic fanzine!), Star Studded Comics ad by Texas Trio, Sabre, Condor, and a host of other long-forgotten crudzines including an ad FOR a fanzine called CrudZine!. It is memorable as having an inverted sad faced logo that was a take-off of Alter Ego!

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 37 (RBCC), April 1965, Green Mask cover clip. Marvel Mystery 80, 81, 87 & 88 listed at $3.00 each! Don't have this issue, so very little info.

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 38 (RBCC), 1965, Capt. Couragous cover clip. Circulation now over 725. Action #133-142, 144-146 all mint @$1.50 each !!! Ad from Rogofsky-All Flash #1 (almost mint) for $20.00! RBCC Annual #1 ad, This 'n' That by Paul Gambaccini, 'Scenes from the Golden Age' featuring the Zebra from Green Hornet Comics, Rick Weingroff laments that the days of Superheroes on TV are behind us (!), LOC from Bill Spicer, Phil Seuling thinks that comics should have more 'negroes' and compares reading Wonder Woman comics to eating spoonfuls of sugar. Sure isn't the same gal who laid the permanent smack-down on Maxwell Lord, eh?

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 39 (RBCC), 1965, Hulk cover by Saunders (Buddy ?). Letter from Marv Wolfman, Claude Held listing Capt America #1 @ $60.00 & Superman #1, mint, coupon out @ $75.00, Rogofsky back with Adventure Comics 49, 52-60 (almost all mint) @$10.00 each and Capt. America #1 @ $65.00.

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