Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rbcc Covers 30-34...

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 30 (RBCC), 1964, Blackhawk cover tracing by ?, a pinup of The Newsboy Legion and The Guardian by Don Fowler (aka Buddy Saunders); a piece on Marvel and Gold Key by Bernie Bubnis; a review of Sax Rohmer's President Fu Manchu; a piece on Captain Marvel by Fowler; "The 1963 Alley Tally" report by Ronn Foss; "The Dealer and the Collector" by Phil Seuling; a letters column (including missives by Larry Herndon and Jerry Bails); and classified comic book ads.

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 31 (RBCC), 1964, Kenton of the Star Patrol cover big big-name-fan Ronn Foss! Ads for Komix Illustrated #12, The Comic Journal #1, and Argosy; pinups of The Parachute Patrol, Captain Wings, and others; a feature on Steve Ditko by Bernie Bubnis; a review of Bradbury's Something This Way Comes by Bob Harner; "Rocketeer Gossip" by Rick Weingroff; a letters column (including letters from THE B.N.F Jerry Bails and George R.R. Martin)

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 32 (RBCC), 1964, U.S. Jones cover by 'Ray' Note inserted saying 'This issue will be read by at least 415 people', letter from a young Paul Gambaccini, Rogofsky listing FF #1-#6 @ $2.50 each, back page ad for 'Cherokee Bookshop'. Ads for Rocket's Blast Special #4, Fantasy Heroes' Hangout, The Comic Journal #1, and Fantasy Illustrated #2; Rick Weingroff's "Rocketeer Gossip" column; a piece by Raymond Miller on comics published from 1940-'43; a Quicksilver pin-up by Don Fowler (aka Buddy Saunders).

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 33 (RBCC), 1964, Blue Beetle cover by RLM? RLMS? Don't have this so not much info. Anyone with a copy who'd like to donate some info just drop me a line.

Rockets Blast Comic Collector # 34 (RBCC), 1964, It should be noted here that the actual issue #34 has #33 on the cover. Look closely at the ones I have labeled as #33 and #34. One has the Blue Beetle on the cover and is the ACTUAL #33. This one has Yank and Doodle on the cover and is the ACTUAL #34. Make sense? Yay!
Ok, now on with the show!
Yank and Doodle cover that appears to be a clipping or a very good tracing: a feature on Carmine Infantino by Bernie Bubnis; "The Birth of the Comic Book" by Lec Whittlesey; a review of Bernard Wolfe's Limbo; a piece on Whiz Comics #21 by G.B. Love; LOC by George R.R. Martin; a pinup of Green Hornet by Biljo White.

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