Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rocket's Blast Comicollector (Rbcc) Covers 150-153

I have a copy of 153 (the Contentious Journal)that states it is a parody issue. I do not believe it is actually RBCC #153 in "canon". I post it for the sake of argument, as someone will certainly say they saw it. Any info on this will be appreciated.
Number 151 seems to have a variant with a Harlan Ellison signed and numbered cover.

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #150 (RBCC), December 1979 Rocky Horror cover by Marc Hempel.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #151 (RBCC), 1980 ? cover.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #152 (RBCC), 1982, New X-Men cover by Ron Wilber.


  1. In the last few issues of RBCC proper, Mr. Van Hise included a drop in page asking for fans to extend their subscriptions immediately or risk seeing no more issues! I did so and more issues. At least not until a few years later. By that point there was a companycalled NMP publishing a fairly successful series of fanzines like COMICS FEATURE that were actually starting to get some newsstand distribution. Somehow, Van Hise hooked up with them and totally out of the blue I received two more issues (seems like both at once!) on my six issue sub. Now on cheap newsprint with lesser articles and substandard art and in the latter, (which is technically a "real" issue) unfunny parody. There were NO more issues.

  2. Thanks for the insight! Info like yours is one of the reasons I want to do this blog. There is so much to be said but not many sites where one can access info easily.
    Much appreciated.