Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Series of Rocket's Blast Comicollector (Rbcc)...

Starting today, we begin a series of Rocket's Blast/Comicollector! Yay, us!!!
I will be posting covers reverse-numerically and giving you trivia/info at an alarming rate. You will die happy if you follow along, so do the right thing.
I will start slowly with the Annual and Specials then move on to covers of the combined (what's that?) magazine and will eventually finish with the separated Rocket's Blast and the Comicollector!
Prepare to be amazed...

Pictured are RBCC Annual #1 with Ronn Foss cover, the third print of RBCC Special #1 with Buddy Saunders cover, First Print of RBCC Special #1, RBCC Special #2,RBCC Special #3, RBCC Special #5, RBCC Special #6, RBCC Special #7, and RBCC Special #8 with the special wraparound cover of Captain Marvel by Don Newton.

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