Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alley Awards Statue...

This is really, really a cool post we have for you tonight!
This here is one'a them thar Alley Awards you've heard so much about
but rarely ever see except in black and white in an old fanzine.
I've had this pic of the actual statue for a while but waited for the right time to post it.
It came from an ebay auction that I lost because some rich person ponied up
more moolah than me. (sounds of me crying!)
Alter Ego #4 is also shown for your referencing pleasure.
Here is the actual copy that came from that listing for history's sake:

Alley Award Statue (ACBFC, 1967). In 1963, uber-fan Jerry Bails, having given birth to comic fandom with the publication of the first fanzine devoted entirely to comics (Alter-ego), proposed that the growing throngs of comic enthusiasts now form their own organization, and thus was born the Academy of Comic-Book Fans and Collectors. One of the annual duties of the Academy was to award the "Alley" awards -- named for Alley Oop, who had graced the cover of Alter-ego #4 -- for excellence in both pro and fan comics. These awards came to be very highly regarded in the industry during the '60s, and would often be cited by DC and Marvel in their advertising. To commemorate these awards, popular artist and fanzine publisher Ronn Foss carved a likeness of Oop out of redwood and then struck molds from the carving, producing plaster casts of the figure that were painted either gold (for professional) or silver (for amateur) and either mailed or given in person to the winners. Because these statuettes were made of poor-grade plaster, they were very prone to breakage, and very few survive today. Offered here is an Alley award given to Julius Schwartz in 1967, naming him best editor of the year. Given the crude materials used to manufacture it, this Alley, which stands approximately 8" tall, is in very good condition; a break at the ankles (the most common damage to most Alley awards) has been well-repaired, but there is a chip out of the front of Oop's right leg, and a few smaller chips around the base and at the back of the head. The paint is rubbed above his left eye, but is in excellent condition overall. Considering how few Alleys survive today, this is a rare opportunity to acquire one, and the fact that it was awarded to a lunimary such as Julie Schwartz makes the deal all but irresistible. Bid now, and bid high, as you never know when you'll have another opportunity to add this gem to your collection! From the personal collection of Julius Schwartz!


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    1. Thanks! I think I'll put in the Alter Ego cover (#4) to slam it home and it'll be a nice reference also.

  2. Awesome - and Julie's, no less! Thanks for sharing

  3. Captain,

    Great to finally see the Alley Award. I'm very much enjoying reading through your posts and appreciating the early fanzine work of so many talented individuals.