Friday, August 27, 2010

Limbo #1 1963

Lots of good stuff going on with this fanzine.
Can you imagine what it was like back then?
Once-popular characters that were being discovered by a new generation of fans were not guaranteed of ever being seen in new stories. Fans let their views be known through fanzines and loc's to the comic editors but ultimately, it was out of their hands.
They truly didn't know if Plastic Man, Capt. Marvel, or Hawkman (well, maybe Hawkman) would ever appear in a new comic again.
These properties were thought to be unwanted as evidenced by the fact that a new Doctor Mid-Nite story was created to be published in a fanzine! It was ultimately nixed by DC/National editor Julius Schwartz and became the Eclipse (by Ronn Foss) and gained a following in his own right.

I love this fanzine's cover.  M.C. Escher influenced and it kind of reminds me of the Brian Bolland Animal Man cover which it predates.

My grandfather was a sign painter and used a similar theme in a sign he created for his shop in 1932, so that is why it is so close to my heart.  If anybody would like to see it, post and I'll fit it in sometime. 
I have no idea if this fanzine had another issue.  If you have a copy and are willing to scan and share, we'd love to see it! 
I will be posting a lot of fanzine groups soon so if anyone has a request, please let me know and if I have it, up it goes.

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