Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rbcc Covers 100-104

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #100!! Yay! July 1973, lovely copy, Superman cover by Don Newton. "Koening on Star Trek" by Walter Koenig; "The Williamson Collector" by Larry Bigman and James Van Hise; a number or Rocket's Blast cover reproductions; a King Kong center spread by Kline; "The RBCC Information Center; "Comic Collector's Comments" by Howard P. Siegel; "The Keyhole" column by Hamilton Benedict; ads for Remember When Magazine #8, Overstreet's The Comic Book Price Guide #3, the 1973 New York Comic Art Convention, D-Con '73, and Houstoncon '73; a column reviewing Hemogoblin #1, The Comic Reader #95, Anomaly #4, and other items; a letters column; and classified comic book ads. Published, as always by G. B. Love sporting a $1.00 cover price and a circulation: 2250.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #101 (RBCC), August 1973, Capt. Marvel cover by Black.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #102 (RBCC), September 1973, Nightmare & Sleepy cover.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #103 (RBCC), October 1973, spacescape cover by Morres Scott Dollens.
Rocket Blast Comic Collector #104 (RBCC), November 1973, Starman cover by Don Newton which is my personal favorite of the entire run!

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  1. Thanks for posting these great covers! I love the RBCC and pore over the relatively few issues I have. The covers are great (and innovative in that so few during Love's tenure mentioned RBCC or the number on the cover). The ads are fun, not only seeing how inexpensive some valuable books were back then, and seeing so many future pros working in small-press 'zines, but also to get a glimpse into comics fandom. What leaps out at me reading RBCC's circa 1972-73 is the wide variety of stuff fans were into: old radio shows, ERB, Howard and Lovecraft books, old films and movie serials and comic strips. Fans today strike me as more narrowly focused. Thanks again for putting these up! -- Gary Peterson, Omaha, NE.