Friday, May 29, 2009

1964 Comic Con Booklet...

First thought this was a 'traced' image which was common for fanzines of the era.
A little research brought this per organizer Bernie Bubnis:

"Ditko drew DIRECTLY onto ditto paper (not mimeo). this was a shiny white top sheet
that allowed a penciled line to be transferred to the blue sheet underneath. simply,
one could "draw" on this ditto master pretty easily, but you could only get about
200 clear copies from it.
"Ditko did the front and rear covers of this con booklet. A few lines were not heavy
 enough to transfer to the underlying blue sheet, so i "connected" a few myself, but 
at least 98 per cent of that thing is ALL DITKO. He actually sat in at this first con 
and was very supportive. I think he felt sorry for me. No one took the con idea
 seriously in those days. I actually paid for most of it out of my own 16-year-old
 pocket. Ditko's presence MADE IT the first comic convention."

Nice stuff.
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  1. I remember Ditto, and Mimeo and a lot of these covers. Thanks

  2. Glad you are enjoying them, thanks for posting!